Meet the Empire Search Legal Recruiters: Q&A with Caroline Waters

“I love playing an integral role in the career development of the attorneys I work with. Everyone’s story is different, and it’s exciting to work with each of our candidates to figure out what their unique professional goals are and the best ways to achieve them.”

A Short Guide to Understanding and Negotiating In-House Counsel Compensation

“The equity components of in-house compensation packages give attorneys—from junior counsel to General Counsel—an opportunity to be literally invested in their work.”

Meet the Empire Search Legal Recruiters: Q&A with Shumi Brody

“Our number one priority is finding the right employer for our candidates—using the strong relationships we have with Am Law 100 law firms, boutique law firms, and in-house clients—while also preserving confidentiality.”

4 Myths About Legal Recruiters That Attorneys Should Disregard

“High-quality legal recruiters are capable of providing tremendous value in ways that many attorneys don’t appreciate until they’ve been through a job search with such a recruiter.”

Scott Yaccarino Offers Insight on Current Compensation Trends for Lateral Associates and Partners

“At one end of the spectrum is what we saw last year and in 2021, where demand far outweighed supply. At the other end of the spectrum, which is what happened in 2007 when the subprime fiasco took the economy down, there was little to no lateral associate market at the time.”

Natasha Innocenti and Suzanne Kane Comment on Law Firm Lateral Hiring Markets

“Law firms are willing to take advantage of the less busy time to fill long-term needs that have been challenging to fill in recent years, such as capital markets or M&A, even if those lateral partners are not as profitable in the first year.”


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