Crossing the Bridge Back to a Top Law Firm From In-House

“In today’s legal market, crossing the bridge from an in-house role back into a top law firm is becoming much more common (and lucrative!).”

Matt Moody Shares Outlook on Law Firm Hiring and Attracting Talent With Signing Bonuses

“Signing bonuses are here to stay as a means for firms to offer a competitive edge to candidates.”

How Law Firm Partners Can Qualify Legal Recruiters: 3 Key Techniques

“If you are a law firm partner with a portable practice, there is simply too much at stake, professionally and economically, to entrust your career to an unqualified legal recruiter.”

Why Lateral Partner Candidates Can Stop Worrying About Discussing Books of Business

“While a partner candidate’s book of business is undoubtedly an important component of a law firm’s evaluation process, in the vast majority of lateral partner assessments it will neither make nor break the partner candidate.”

The 5 Common Characteristics of Effective In-House Counsel

“I have worked with hundreds of in-house lawyers over the past decade (and spent time myself as in-house counsel at an investment bank) and have found that the best in-house lawyers share five key similarities.”

Matt Moody Comments on the Use of Large Signing Bonuses in the Battle for Legal Talent

“Signing bonuses were not the norm for junior and midlevel associates. At least on the corporate side, now it’s expected if you’re an associate.”


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