How Law Firm Partners Can Qualify Legal Recruiters: 3 Key Techniques

“If you are a law firm partner with a portable practice, there is simply too much at stake, professionally and economically, to entrust your career to an unqualified legal recruiter.”

The 5 Common Characteristics of Effective In-House Counsel

“I have worked with hundreds of in-house lawyers over the past decade (and spent time myself as in-house counsel at an investment bank) and have found that the best in-house lawyers share five key similarities.”

Why Lateral Partner Candidates Can Stop Worrying About Discussing Books of Business

“While a partner candidate’s book of business is undoubtedly an important component of a law firm’s evaluation process, in the vast majority of lateral partner assessments it will neither make nor break the partner candidate.”

3 Questions Law Firm Associates Should Be Asking Their Legal Recruiters

“You should settle for nothing less than a long-term, trusting relationship with your legal recruiter, one which is founded on the value delivered by the recruiter over the course of your legal career.”

Meet the Empire Search Legal Recruiters: Q&A with San Francisco Partner Erin Lum

“The competition for top talent remains fierce, and I think the firms that will do the best recruiting are those that can offer attorneys flexibility.”

With a Return to Offices Approaching, Now is a Great Time for Attorneys to Interview

“I’ve been advising attorneys to embrace what might be the most significant advantage for them in the remote paradigm: the newfound ease with which they can explore the legal hiring market.”


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