3 Questions Law Firm Associates Should Be Asking Their Legal Recruiters

“You should settle for nothing less than a long-term, trusting relationship with your legal recruiter, one which is founded on the value delivered by the recruiter over the course of your legal career.”

Meet the Empire Search Legal Recruiters: Q&A with San Francisco Partner Erin Lum

“The competition for top talent remains fierce, and I think the firms that will do the best recruiting are those that can offer attorneys flexibility.”

Why Lateral Partner Candidates Can Stop Worrying About Discussing Books of Business

“While a partner candidate’s book of business is undoubtedly an important component of a law firm’s evaluation process, in the vast majority of lateral partner assessments it will neither make nor break the partner candidate.”

Meet the Empire Search Legal Recruiters: Q&A with Managing Director Joshua Davis

“Our goal as professional recruiters is to help attorneys acquire as much information as they can to facilitate informed objective decisions about their career trajectory.”

5 Tips for Nailing Your Video Interview

“With video interviewing, you need to put more thought into the technology you are using and the setting in which you conduct the interview.”

Scott Yaccarino Shares Predictions for 2021 Law Firm Lateral Markets

“Q1 of 2021, in my opinion, is going to be a notable quarter with respect to big-ticket, high-end lateral-partner movement.”